100% of the funds collected will be equally divided and invested into two organizations, House of Tulip and Activation Residency’s Farming Futurity program. 

Make a contribution of $15 to be entered to win a set of 16 artist hankies from the Queer Ecology Hanky Project. There are four sets of hankies to choose from. Each contribution buys you one entry--one chance to win the hanky set of your choice. Or for $50, with Something for Everybody, you get four entries--one entry to each of the four hanky packs. Contribute as much as you like! If you win, you will receive all 16 hankies in the hanky pack, with an estimated $400 value for each set. These hankies were printed and designed for the Queer Ecology Hanky Project. Individual information about artists and hankies is included in each set. 

The fundraiser will close on Friday August 7th at midnight, and we will pull and announce winners on Saturday August 8th. We will post the full amount raised and donation receipts after the raffle ends. 

We will be doing a second round of fundraising after this batch is complete, which will benefit two other organizations.

Deep gratitude and thanks to the artists for donating their work for this fundraiser: Vanessa Adams, Eana Agoplan, Dana Aleshire, Finley Baker, Amanda Blix, Aja Bond,  Eli Campanaro, Maya Carey, Christina Castillo, Chemlawn, Devon Cohen, Molly Costello, Amy Cousins, Lorraine Cruz, J. Avery Theodore Daisey, Alek de Dóchas, Heather Douglas, Jessica Fancy, Zeph Fishlyn, Keith Foster, Carlee Freeman, Lindsey French, Clement Hil Goldberg, Mia Greenwald, Jacq Groves, L Hammel, Ian Hanesworth, Mel Hardy, Eriko Hattori, E Henderson, Meg Houston, Hana Jimenez, Katie Kaplan, Devon Kelley-Yurdin, Karey Kenst, Levi Labruzzy, Zhen Yang Lee, Rowan Leek, Sam Loewen, Selena Loomis, Ayden Love, Alyx Rene Lunada, Soren Lundi, Drea Marcos, Georgia McCandlish, Kate McNeely, Bekezela Mguni, A-B Moore, Mary Murph, Jason Patten, Zackary Petot, Em Pike, Chris Pilewski, Claire Ragland, A. Reid, Jenna Reid, Syr Reifsteck, Heidi Andrea Restrepo Rhodes, Rigel Richardson, Quinn Rivenburgh, Avery Rose, Erin Roussel, E.T. Russian, Nick Shick, August Schultz, H. Simon, Willy Smart, Marta Syrup, Ginger Brooks Takahashi, Corinne Teed, Trash Tmblweed, Mary Tremonte, Anna Wagner, Summer Wood, Natalie Woodlock, Jon Wooley. 

Thank you for your support!

Here is a description of the organizations benefiting, in their own words:

About House of Tulip:

House of Tulip is a nonprofit collective creating housing solutions for TGNC people in Louisiana. 

We’re raising funds to buy and restore a 6-unit property on N. Claiborne Ave, currently unoccupied and blighted. This will be our pilot campus, and it will house up to 9 TGNC people. According to the US Trans Survey, 1 in 3 trans people in Louisiana report experiencing homelessness at some point in their lives. House of Tulip will provide zero-barrier housing to trans and gender nonconforming people in need of a safe place to stay while growing the supply of affordable housing in New Orleans. By operating as a land trust, the entire city of New Orleans (as well as anywhere we expand beyond our pilot campus) will benefit from the increase in affordable housing supply and safeguards against exclusionary development and gentrification. House of Tulip isn’t an emergency shelter or a transitional living house. It’s a long-term investment in housing solutions. The path from homelessness to homeownership is long and hard, but we will be there every step of the way for TGNC Louisianans. Meanwhile, House of Tulip will continue to own the land, ensuring our housing stays affordable forever.

About Activation Residency:

Activation Residency is a Black trans led artist residency and cooperative fund. We are a resilient collective. We aim to generate, adapt, and create. Our healing and gathering generate new ways of being in the world. We iterate and transmute. By cultivating collective consciousness, we aim to activate the creative practice of each participating artist. We are redistributing creative access from elitist structures and meritocratic frameworks to serve marginalized artists and communities. We seek to catalyze imaginative access, survivability, and abundance. We dream collective care into existence by prioritizing the imaginations of those whose realities are stunted by systemic oppression. Care is central. We harness and own the means of production, we facilitate access, we are compensated for our labor. Rest is practice, and care is horizontal. Activation is a portal through which to access collective abundance in real and future times.